The Big Cove hatchery and farm is located on the shores of the South Puget Sound’s legendary Totten Inlet. Cage-tumbled daily on the tides, then hardened on the beach, Big Cove oysters have a classic shape and deep cup for beautiful half-shell presentation. Our open circulation wet storage system continually draws seawater from Totten Inlet so that Big Cove clams and oysters arrive at market alive, plump, and fresh. See PRODUCTS for more on our wholesale products.




Our Company team includes seafood workers, skilled tradespeople, investors, and scientists who care deeply about our products, our place in the environment, and each other. We developed our seafood business in response to the growing demand for healthy, high quality, environmentally and socially responsible seafood. Learn more about our team at ABOUT US.




Shellfish farming allows us to know our product from beginning to end, so that we know we’re selling seafood we, and you, can stand behind. Our farm uses very little in the way of heavy equipment. Like others in our micro-region, we manually harvest our oysters and clams on beaches that have produced abundant shellfish for centuries. Our industry is a major employer and revenue producer in our local economy. Our shellfish give back to the environment. We are also an artisanal hatchery seeking to expand our commercial seed operations in scale with our environment, to provide other growers locally and elsewhere with needed shellfish seed. See HATCHERY and FARM for more on our operations.




From salmon to Orcas, many wildlife populations have struggled in the Pacific Northwest. Did you know that a single adult oyster filters between 25-50 gallons of ocean water each day? Rather than causing pollution, shellfish farms help keep the ocean water clean. Because of farms like ours, the coastal marine ecosystem, dependent on clear and balanced water, can develop an aquatic biodiversity otherwise not possible given the increased urbanization of our watersheds. We think it is important for seafood lovers and environmental advocates to know some of the positives about our aquaculture operation, how we are responding to environmental challenges, and why we are proud to be shellfish farmers.

For more about water quality and ecosystem services, biodiversity, sustainability, advocacy, and our marine research, see ENVIRONMENT.